On an airplane

In less than 4 weeks, we will be flying over the Pacific to meet and pick up our son in Taiwan. I have been waiting almost four years to write those words, and I have such a mix of emotions now as I write them.

Over four years ago I sat on a plane flying over the Atlantic reading Adopted for Life by Moore, brokenhearted after a miscarriage and subsequent struggle to conceive. I felt God press upon my heart by his Spirit a burden, his heart for children who needed a home. I wouldn’t name it as a calling; I simply saw a place for me to fill a longing in my heart by also following God’s word when it tells us to care for “widows and orphans,” just as he adopts us in his love.

Since that day, my view of adoption has become so much more complex. God has grown my heart to be more like his, to not only care for the children but for families, for first mothers and fathers, to pray from the depth of me to see God’s healing for families and communities. And my eyes have been opened to see how adoption is not only beautiful, but comes from a place of difficulty and brokenness. Necessary for a child to join a new family, an old family, an old life, and in our case, a culture and a language are also left behind.

We are overjoyed to finally meet our son face-to-face, to bring him home to join our family, to see him play with our girls, but we know the next few months may also be very difficult for him. Moving to a new country, a new continent, a new home, and a new culture is a lot for any four year old.

So today I rejoice with you all that we will be on an airplane in less than four weeks to complete a process I thought might never come to an end, but our Father knew the twists and turns the whole journey would take. And I am trusting Him to bind up broken hearts and broken places, to heal hurts and sadnesses our son will experience as he gains a forever family but experiences other losses. I am trusting Him to give our family the patience, joy, endurance, and most of all love we will need to become a family of five.

So as we get on an airplane on June 24th, please pray with us:
-for our son to feel a closeness and attachment to us quickly, for him to be comforted by us through all his transitions, and to bond with his new sisters quickly

-for safe travel (and no lost luggage) over our two 20+ hour flights and several days in Taiwan

-for paperwork and interviews in Taiwan to go smoothly

-for our hearts to be steady, prepared, and reliant on God to love our little boy well

-for our girls to quickly love and care for their new brother

-for God to provide for our financial needs for travel and agency fees
(Our Lifesong Family Fund is still open. If you would like to give towards these final expenses, please visit this link:
Designate it for “Adoption” and “Adoptive Family”
Our family account number is “6532” and our family name is “Gray”)

Thank you so much for continuing to support us, care for us, and pray for us through this new season in the life of our family!









2 responses to “On an airplane

  1. Uncle Steve and I wish you and your family much love, health, and happiness as you add a handsome son to your already beautiful family. We hope your trip and the final adoption phase go without a hitch and you are home in no time adjusting to and enjoying this exciting time.Love, Uncle Steve & Aunt Ellen

    Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone

    • Thank you Aunt Ellen! So thankful for the support of family! And so excited for you and Uncle Steve as you become grandparentS soon!

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